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What Beauty Pros Need to Know for Fall 2017

Autumn is an exciting season in the fashion and beauty industry. The new colors, changing trends, and fresh styles are something that we look forward to every year! A special enchantment settles in with the cooler fall temperatures and at Hair Professionals Career College, we can’t get enough.

Here are some of the seasonal things that get us excited:


Halloween is an absolute blast for anyone who is into cosmetology. Hair and makeup are a big part of making the perfect costume. It’s a great time to get creative, have fun, and show your insane talent in makeup artistry and hair design.

If you love Halloween, look at some easy Halloween costumes and see if any of them fit your personality. If they don’t, take our Halloween costume quiz to find out what you should be.

halloween costume quiz

Fall Makeup Trends

The makeup trends undoubtedly change in the fal. Doing makeup to match the season is something that is really fun and can get you in a seasonal spirit. Check out our Hot Makeup Trends for Fall 2017 guide. You can get some sweet tips and tricks to make your fall makeup look really stand out!

2017 fall makeup trends

Holiday Time!

The fall season is also when the holiday season starts! The holiday season is great because you can spend time with close friends and family, celebrate things that are important to you, give gifts, and get gifts! And who doesn’t love getting sweet gifts? Take a look at our holiday wish list for cosmetologists. See if there’s something there that you will want this holiday season!

ultimate holiday wish list for cosmetologists

More Fall Fun

Looking for something else to make your fall season a little more special? Coincidentally, autumn is also a great time to start beauty school. Check out our programs and contact us to start building your future career in the beauty industry.