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Not All That Glitters is Gold

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This fall we’ve noticed a very prominent hair and makeup trend: all things gold, shimmery, and glittery. And we are STOKED. Can you imagine a better trend? We think it’s especially perfect for this time of year. Not only will you softly glow in the gentle fall sun, but you will stand out among the orange and red leaves in the trees! To maximize on this brilliant trend, we’ve found some of the best gold and glitter looks for you to try.

Shimmer and Shine With Gold Makeup of All Kinds

There are tons of ways you can use glitter and gold makeup. From gold and smokey eyes, to shimmery lips, you’ve got to try these looks!

If you’ve ever wanted to achieve those fierce, beauty-blogger sparkle lids, try this simple smattering of glitter on the inner and lower eye. This will make your eyes crazy sparkle!

Intensify your life with brilliant golden lips. To achieve this look simply use a gold lipstick, then use a lip brush dipped in gold glitter and tap it on your lips until they are evenly coated. This can be used for a halloween costume or just a regular day if you’re brave enough.

gold leaf lips

Doesn’t this just look like gold leaf? It’s almost as if they applied a thin layer of actual gold to their lips. You’ll stop everyone in their tracks if you sport this lip.

Shine Bright Like a (not) Diamond

Stacking and layering jewelry isn’t a new trend, but it’s certainly gaining in speed and popularity lately. If you follow any fashion or beauty blogger accounts on Pinterest or Instagram, you’ll see lots of layering of gold jewelry. Honestly, we love this. We love that you can look brilliantly elegant without spending thousands on diamonds. Gold looks good on everyone and matches every color. Check out these different ways to wear your gold jewelry, or go out and get a few new pieces to complement your beautiful gold makeup!

Easy and pairs with everything: thin gold ring stacks.

Stack delicate chains to elongate your neck. Adds a little bling without overdoing it.

If you have more than one piercing, pair gold with gold. If you’ve ever wanted to look and feel like Cleopatra, give this style a try.

Not All That’s Gold Must Be Jewelry

From nail art to hair accessories, you can use so much gold in your life this fall! Take it to the next level and just like, cover your body in gold.

This gold bath bomb will give your skin a gold sheen which is both eye-catching and gorgeous!

golden bath bomb

Dude, rose gold nails? The rose gold trend may not be as big as it was a few years ago, but we adore these nails, and you should too.

Pump up regular old blonde by adding in some metallic gold tones. Very elegant and shiny.

Tis the season to be gold! Hopefully we didn’t overwhelm you with gold here, but we just really love this trend. You can try all of these, or just a few, but either way you’ll stand out in a crowd and be fall-photo ready!

Want to learn how to create some of these hair and makeup looks? You’ll be able to learn all that and more with the Hair Professionals! Please feel free to send us your contact information, and we’ll be happy to help you get started on your path to a beautiful career!