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Oswego, Sycamore, and Palos Hills

The Cosmetology program is awesome. The teachers make sure you have a understanding about everything. There is alot of hands on and the theory is great.

Shavonne McCaskill

I went there today to get a hair cut and loved it. Chelsey did a great job, she understood exactly what I wanted and was very knowledgeable. I would go there again for hair service. The only other time I have visited was for waxing service, underarms, and was just as impressed. Great job and the prices are so reasonable. Check it out!

Tanya G.

Really great friendly service!!! Came on a Saturday and got right in!!

Taylor Hopper

Hair Pros is an awesome salon and cosmetology school. I really recommend coming and getting your hair done…

Kiley Holdridge

Great staff and service at affordable prices so students can get their learn on. I’m a fan!

Amanda W.

I have been at hair professional career college for two weeks and i enjoy it so much it is a fun and professional school. The teacher’s are so down to earth and they make sure you down strand the work. You will never feel under pressure or feel stress out.

Juanita Brown

I am a student here at the Palos Hills location and I highly recommend this school. My instructor, Carly, is amazing and so generously helpful whenever I have a question. She has helped me be successful in all of the services I provide and if it weren’t for her this school wouldn’t be as amazing as it is.

Eliza Graziano

I am greatly enjoying my time here at hair professionals and furthering my career to be an instructor for cosmetology. The staff is amazing,helpful,fun,and down to earth. I am so happy I decided to further my education and attend this great school. These teachers give a good vibe and make you want to attend and learn. Not to mention when enrolling with Stephaine she made me feel so excited to join and went thru detail of all my financial aid and is very understanding as well as kind. I am starting to build such a bond with these amazing people and already and wouldn’t trade it for a single second.

Lindsey Isadore

I am part of the student teacher program at the Palos hills location. My experience has been good with the help and assistance of my mentors. Especially Miss Carly she has been a great guidance to my journey. She is an amazing instructor full of knowledge, wisdom and has a passion for teaching like no other.

Rosalia Pizano

Best beauty school decision I could’ve made. I love spending my time learning here, and the environment is extremely comfortable.

Brandi Stroube