Beauty Programs

Beauty Programs

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About our Programs

Our Cosmetology and Esthetics curriculum allow students to learn in various settings with multiple opportunities to gain experience beyond the traditional learning environment. 

This curriculum provides a heavy focus on complete mastery of basic techniques in order to achieve the most precise and accurate result every time.

We also provide hands-on salon practical coaching which allows students to work with live models in our full-service salon.

Working under the careful and guided supervision of our professionally licensed instructors, students can get the needed opportunity to turn theory into practice and hone their individual specialties.  

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Business and Sales Experience

We enhance our technical training portion of the curriculum by offering a comprehensive business-training program.

Our graduates can be prepared to enter the workforce with an aptitude for professionalism, as well as a passion for sales and promotion.

Industry Partnerships

Hair Professionals Career College is proud to maintain brand partnerships with some of the following

We seek to elevate the level of education our students receive by offering  real world, salon training in an atmosphere that contributes to a professional mindset. Students practice on live models and hone their skills in the full service salon available at each campus. 



At Hair Professionals Career College, we pride ourselves on being the resource for our students. That is why we offer a wide variety of flexible scheduling options, so family, work, and anything else you have to balance won’t be a problem.
Learn more about our cosmetology and esthetics program, and see what Hair Professionals can do to raise the bar for your success.

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