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At Hair Professionals, we have dedicated our time and resources to create the most hands-on cosmetology instructor program that we can. Our processes have evolved and changed for the better with every new skill that makes its way into the beauty industry.

Our goal is to take highly-trained cosmetology professionals and turn them into highly-educated, professional instructors. If you want to inspire beauty industry students to learn and grow, become a cosmetology instructor.

You can complete our thousand-hour course in as little as nine months or as long as eighteen  months. We have six schedules available, so you can get enrolled in the right course for you.

In this instructor course you will learn how to become a certified instructor. Our course allows you to work one-on-one with our cosmetology students and teachers. During your time, you will shadow our current cosmetology teachers and learn how to perform as a Hair Professionals employee.

business training course

Hair Professionals is dedicated to teaching business skills necessary for you to be successful in the beauty industry. Want to own your own salon or spa one day? You’ll need to have a solid business training foundation to be a success! One of the most important aspects of growing into a successful businessperson is the opportunity to live the ideas and methods of our business training program. By doing so, you can form an understanding of how to build your clientele, prescribe retail, live a successful personal & professional life and potentially make more money.

the perks of our cosmetology instructors program

As a Hair Professionals Student Teacher, you may have the opportunity to teach mini classes to students, as well as attend our Advanced Cosmetology training courses. As an added benefit, we love to hire internally. After you have graduated and obtained your State Board Certification, you may be considered for our of our internal openings (if available). We love to hire Hair Professionals students! Upon course completion, we will sign you up to take your State Board Exam.

If you are a cosmetology professional who is looking for a rewarding career as a teacher, this may be the program for you!


careers for a certified cosmetology instructor

You could work as the following:

the follow prerequisites and fees are required

 financial aid available to those who qualify