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5 Times Cubs Fangirls Killed It

For the first time in a long time, our home team has won the World Series. The Chicago Cubs have made history in 2016! During all this excitement, we found that a lot of fans really took their love for the team to new levels. Check out the 5 times they absolutely killed it.

The Special Day

Yes, that is bridal gown being modeled with a Cubs tee.

Nailed It!

They say it’s good luck to get your nails done team-themed, right?

Nailed It Twice!

We are really loving these beautiful nail designs for the newest World Series champs!


A piece of jewelry to remind you of day that the Cubs made some sports history.

Made Up for Baseball

Macee did what we all have done for our favorite teams, she created a makeup look based on their colors.

Cubs Fans Fab Fashion Updates

Ready to fly the W again this year? Rep your Cubs pride with these new styles! This “Love Cubs” handmade bracelet is one of our new favorites!

A Hand Rail Only a Husband Could Love

This isn’t strictly fashion, but you have to admire this Cubs fan’s passion!

When Two Loves Cross

Why take cliché wedding photos when you can take truly memorable pictures at Wrigley Field?

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