Where Can a Licensed Cosmetologist Work?

Jan 04 2017

The most common question we get here at Hair Professionals Career College is this: “What potential careers can I have?”. After graduation, your success is totally up to you. We know that a well-qualified, licensed, hard-working cosmetologist can potentially have any job that they want. Here are a few of the careers that you could consider:

high end salon

High-End Salon Employee

If you want to work in a high-end salon, a cosmetology license can get you there! Specializing in styling, coloring, or cutting can increase your chances of getting the position of your dreams!

Salon Owner/Manager

Do you dream of being an entrepreneur but also have a love of beauty? You could own your own salon! Salon owners often oversee the big picture of the salon and help with employees. Managers often work with the day to day activities within the salon. Either way, you will get to experience the rush of working in a salon with the perks of being the boss!

makeup artist applying lipstick to client

Makeup Artist

Makeup artistry is a skill that is growing in demand. Celebrities, and a variety of other people, want their own personal makeup artist on hand. If you’re looking to do makeup artistry consistently, becoming a personal artist might be the perfect fit! You can also explore the land of freelancing. Some people prefer to work on their own schedule, and freelancing can give you that option!

Product Sales

Sales is a great position for someone who is passionate about products. If you want to show off your knowledge of your favorite hair and makeup products, sales is the place to do it. Salespeople can go out and demo the products to retailers, schools, and more!

camera man

TV/Film Stylist or Artist

Hollywood is the land of dreams, and you can attain your aspirations by becoming a TV or film hair stylist or makeup artist. Working on sets require you to be fast on your feet and ready for action. As a stylist or artist, you are a part of making a star shine on screen.

Interested in one of these great careers? They all start with a great education! Check out our cosmetology program and contact us for more information on getting started!