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Chicago Cosmetologists Winner

Congrats to Arlene Corral for being the Chicago Cosmetologists May 2015 Student of the Month.  Great work Arlene!  Hair Professionals is very proud of the work.  Like Arlene, Future Cosmetologists are doing the right thing and we know that you will be successful in the field of Cosmetology!  Students have the opportunity to apply for these and other scholarships. Check with our Admissions team to see what scholarship you can apply for to help you pay for cosmetology or esthetics school!  Many scholarships are out there for you.  Take advantage and apply today!  We’ve had many Great Clips, Sport Clips and other scholarship winners in the past few years!  Let’s Go Cosmetologists!  #winning #cosmetologists


Arlene Corral May 2015 CCA Student of the Month

Arlene Corral May 2015 CCA Student of the Month