January 4, 2017

Where Can a Licensed Cosmetologist Work?

We get many questions about what a cosmetology education can do for you, but the most common question is this: “What potential careers can I have as a licensed cosmetologist?” After graduation, your career path is totally up to you, and the level of success you can achieve is in your hands. Whether you want to be a stylist, a business owner, a product representative, or anything else in between, that choice is up to you! Here are a few of common cosmetology career paths you could consider.

High-End Salon Stylist

If you want to work in a high-end salon, a cosmetology license can get you there. High-end salons and spas generally hire stylists who specialize in a few services, such as hair painting/balayage, perms, or blowouts. If you have a certain service you enjoy the most, a high-end or specialty salon is somewhere you can spend most of your days honing that skill. It’s also a great way for you to build your personal brand and build a loyal clientele who want to come to only you for their specialized services!!

Hairstylist spraying hairspray on hairstyle

Salon Owner or Manager

Do you dream of being an entrepreneur, but also have a love of beauty? You could own your own salon or spa! Salon owners often oversee the big picture of the salon and help with managing daily operations. As the owner, you can also choose what kind of services you want to offer, the environment of your business, and which products and causes you want to support. Once you get to the point that your salon runs without your help each day, you can even decide when you want to go in, if you want to take clients, or how you want to schedule your day. The control is yours!

Salon managers often work with the day to day activities within the salon. Either way, you will get to experience the rush of working in a salon with the perks of being the boss!

Female hairstylist smiling

Makeup Artist

Makeup artistry is an exciting career opportunity that is growing each year. You can offer makeup services for special events, such as weddings. If you love helping others get the perfect look for a picture, camera, or in-person, makeup artistry could be the perfect path for you. You can explore freelancing options as well so that you can work your own schedule!

Product Sales

When you’re a product representative, you’re not just a salesperson, you’re an advocate. You can help solve problems and help people have better lives by providing them with solutions. If you’re always trying the latest makeup palette, exfoliating scrub, or hair color, selling beauty products could be your dream calling. You can spend your time demoing products for people, showing them how to improve their beauty routines and make people happy working in product sales.

Close up of woman painting nails

Learn at Hair Professionals

A great education can help start an even better career. At Hair Professionals Career College we strive to give the best to our students. Our cosmetology program can be the perfect place for you to get a foundation of beauty knowledge to make your mark in the industry. If hair isn’t where your passion is, you can look into our esthetics and nail technician programs as well. Contact us for more information on how to get started!

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