February 20, 2017

Why Should a Cosmetologist Learn Business Skills?

Here at Hair Professionals Career College, we value technical beauty training AND business skills. That’s why our cosmetology and esthetics courses both teach business training in addition to practical skills they cover. The business part of the course covers sales, how to build a clientele, and much more. In 2014, over half of the cosmetologists in the nation were self employed, according to the BLS, so here are 3 reasons why cosmetologists (and estheticians!) will want to learn business skills.

cosmetologist in a salon

1. To Market Themselves

Beauty professionals know that creating and maintaining a professional portfolio is huge. You will want a place to showcase your work. Create a hard copy and a digital copy of your work, in addition to well-populated social media accounts. Let your work speak for you. Once people see and recognize your work, you could potentially gain more clients.

You want a reputation that speaks well of you. You must know how to market yourself properly. This includes how to create a resume and portfolio, how to interview well, and how to market yourself online. The sooner you start, the bigger your portfolio will be!

2. To Make Sales

Cosmetologists who work in a salon or do freelance might also sell products. It is common for retail sales to make up a substantial portion of a beauty professionals income. Learning the ins and outs of retail sales can help hairstylists and makeup artists alike get extra commission.

In addition to selling product, you must know how to sell your work! Make sure to document everything you do, and pay close attention to reason number 1!

3. To Learn All That You Can!

Take every opportunity you can to learn. Always continue learning and improving on your education. We offer our students the chance to learn the business side of the industry because we know that some students go on to own or manage their own salons. We want to give our students the foundation they want for the future they dream of. Never turn down the opportunity to learn something new!

Do you want learn the practical and business skills we teach? Check out our cosmetology program for more info, and get in contact with us to learn more about getting started!

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