December 31, 2018

Curl Power: The Natural Order

When the summer heat and humidity set in, salons are filled with the echoes of the same request: Women are looking to tame their frizz, waves, curls to get the image of perfectly straight and smooth hair. People shun their naturally luscious and dense locks in favor of straight and shiny. Now people with curls everywhere are fighting back! Instead of trying to eliminate the things that give our hair character, we want to celebrate them, and we aren’t the only ones.

This article in the New York Times thoughtfully dismantles the negative stigmas that have been a part of the curly-hair culture.

Celebrate every curl, every twist, every out-of-place strand that makes our look unique and personal. This video from Dove will show you just how powerful loving your curls can be.

Natural hair should be embraced, not tamed and straightened into oblivion, so join us in celebrating your natural hair! Here are some of our tips on how to style natural and curly hair when it doesn’t want to cooperate:

Don’t Overload on Product

When we aren’t seeing the results that we want with our hair, it’s easy to think that the solution is to use more and more of the product that already isn’t working. In reality, that creates more problems than it does solutions. If you’re struggling with frizz, it’s likely because something is drying out your scalp, and the last thing that you want to do is dry it out more! If your current product isn’t working, look for something that can moisturize and enrich your curls.

Look for Moisturizing Products

Battling dryness and breakage is a huge challenge for people with natural or curly hair, (especially if you’re starting from the beginning after having a relaxer). Don’t fret, there are many products designed for naturally curly, and ethnic hair that work to make the growth process easier. Look for products such as the ones featured by Dove that are specifically formulated to hydrate and help curly hair.

Be Patient

If you’re growing out your natural curls, be prepared for it to take some time. The process is different for everyone, and it is based on a variety of factors. Your diet, the pH of your skin, the coarse or fineness of your actual hair, are all examples of things that can and do affect the way your hair grows. Speak with a stylist about how to best approach your desired look and which products will likely provide the best results. Call the Hair Professionals Career College location nearest you to schedule an appointment today!

Most Importantly… BE CONFIDENT

Know that no matter what your hair is like, it is perfect just how it is. The way that you choose to style it should be determined by what makes you feel the happiest and most confident. If you have natural curls and feel better wearing straight hair, then you should! If your natural curls feel true to yourself, never let them go!

Young woman smiling with short blonde curly hair

Learn More

Need some inspiration? Check out this gallery of insanely beautiful curly hair looks to find a look fit for you!

You wear your hair every day, so be sure to invest in it. Schedule an appointment in our salon for a Moroccan Argan Oil treatment and find a style that expresses your natural beauty!

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