May 23, 2018

Hair Pros Products & Partnerships

People often say that you are the sum of the people you spend time with, and the Hair Professionals school is the same! At Hair Professionals Career College, we choose our product brands and partnerships very carefully to ensure that our students are getting practical experience with real-world products.! This month we had the chance to interview Erin Crowe, the admissions coach at our Oswego campus, about our brand partnerships and what they provide for the school. Here’s what she had to say about our products and partnerships:

Hair – Paul Mitchell

We want the students at Hair Pros to be equipped to use products with the biggest name in the industry, and there’s no bigger name than Paul Mitchell! Products from Paul Mitchell are used all over the globe and are a common staple in many salons and spas. We use Paul Mitchell styling products, colors, shampoos, perms, relaxers, and any other products students would need in the salon. Paul Mitchell even sends regional educators to Hair Pros to teach our students about the products and help elevate their education! If students want to work in a salon that uses Paul Mitchell products, our students can get a head start with some practice!

Skin – Dermalogica

If Paul Mitchell is the king of hair products, then Dermalogica is the queen of skin products! Dermalogica even mentions on their website that education is a critical part of the Dermalogica experience. For them, health and wellness is more important than beauty alone, and the products reflect that philosophy. Just like Paul Mitchell, Dermalogica sends representatives to Hair Pros to teach our students about the products so they can be the best estheticians possible!

Makeup – MUD

Make-up Designory (MUD) is the newest brand at Hair Pros, and the students love them! MUD provides the makeup kits that we use in our cosmetology and esthetics courses, and they’re a blast to use. We added MUD as one of the featured brands at Hair Pros because education is an integral part of the brand, and that’s what matters most to our students!

Education – Pivot Point & Prosper U

Our educational partners are just as important as the products we use! At Hair Pros we use both Pivot Point and Prosper U programs to help our students be successful. The Pivot Point program is an educational program used by many beauty schools across the country because of how much it can help students learn. Pivot Point includes the textbooks and online system that we use in our courses.

The Prosper U program is the business training developed by Eric Fisher, a renowned salon and beauty school owner. This program teaches students how to grow their clientele with legendary customer service and many other best practices. We want our students to learn how to do hair, skin, and nails, and we want them to make money while they do it!

Join Hair Professionals

Hair Professionals Career College has a long and successful track record of helping students become exemplary beauty professionals. We have been open for 38 years of success, and we look forward to being open for many more! Whether you want to learn cosmetology, esthetics, or nails, we have a program that can help you! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reach your dreams!

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