August 9, 2018

Hot Makeup Trends for Fall 2018

Fall is on its way once again! Is your makeup routine ready? Our fall makeup trends from 2017 were a blast to play with, so for 2018 we want to make sure we’re just as up-to-date on all the latest trends. Many classic looks from last year will return with a twist, and we have a few new and exciting styles to try as well! Here are our top five makeup trends we can’t wait to try in fall of 2018:

Bold Blacks

Paint wings so big you could fly away! This fall is the time to break out your best smudge-proof liquid eyeliner for super bold and impressive pop. You can make subtle or stellar wings to suit your mood, and can even play more with your lower lash lines. As long as it’s bold and black, the look can be in style!


Balmy Bullets

Liquid lipsticks and lip balms have been all the rage in recent years, but thanks in large part to Kylie Jenner’s recent line of lipsticks, tubes are on the rise! You can get extremely vibrant colors without giving up moisturizing properties or smoothness of application with a great tube of lipstick. Choose a pop of color that suits your skin tone and style and own the vibrant look.

Glamorous Glitters

Glitter is coming back just in time for fall! The best part about glitter is that you can tone it up or down to meet your personality. Want to go a little more subtle or playful? Just accent your look with a touch of glitter, most popularly on the inside corner of your eyes. Want to command attention when you walk in a room? Lay the glitter on thick for an eye-catching style. If you’re feeling courageous, you can even go for rhinestones, gems, or sequins to take your glitz factor through the roof. Regardless of your preferences or personality, you can make glitter work for your getup!

Lusciously Thick Lashes

Stunning eyelashes never go out of style, but there’s a new emphasis on having a gorgeous set of blinkers. With the return of dark eyeliner, you can also rock a clumpier mascara to complete the look! Eyelash extensions are also as popular as ever so you can take your lash game to the next level. There aren’t many right or wrong answers with lashes right now, so go with the best look for you and put some effort into making your eyes pop! Be sure to accentuate your eye shape and play around with different lash styles, lengths, and boldness.

Iridescent Eyeshadow

For a pop of color that really stands out, try out some iridescent eyeshadow! Iridescent eyeshadow combines traditional eyeshadow techniques with a metallic finish for a shiny and fierce look that works for any occasion. Iridescents are especially fun because you can experiment with different shades and color combinations to create a truly unique look every single time.


Make Makeup Your Life

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