May 23, 2017

Illinois Cosmetologists Fight Against Domestic Violence with New Law

In January of 2017, a new law was passed that made additional training required for cosmetologists in Illinois.

This one-time, hour long course will help cosmetologists to identify, speak about, and handle conversations regarding domestic abuse and violence.
While the new law does not require hair stylists to report any situation that they may hear about or witness, it does give them training to be able to speak to victims and steer them toward the help then need.

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Some highlights of the program include:

  • The course is a one time commitment and part of Illinois’ continuing education requirement for license renewal.
  • The course will be included in schools curriculum for new students or available from registered providers for cosmetologists seeking renewal.
  • The course will not be required for 2017 renewals, but will be needed for 2019 renewals.
  • The law was sponsored by state senator Bill Cunningham and Chicago Says No More, a domestic violence and sexual assault prevention charity.
  • The course will be required for cosmetologist, estheticians, nail technicians, hair braiders, and other beauty professionals.
  • Beauty professionals are required to take the course but are not required to report. The regulation will help them to be aware and able to speak objectively to those who may be in a compromising situation.

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While response to this program has been varied, many schools and salons are happy for the addition, saying that this training will not only help stylist know how to speak to people in trying situations but give them a chance to assist where others may not.

Our team at Hair Professionals are ready to embrace the change, with signs already hung in our Sycamore classrooms, as well as in our other campuses.

If you are approaching your renewal, currently enrolled in a beauty based training school or would just like more information about the new law and what it means for professionals and patrons, visit the Illinois State’s release or Chicago Says No More.

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