August 7, 2018

Men in the Beauty Industry

For many years the beauty industry has been targeted mostly at women, and for good reason! Women make up the largest consumer demographic for cosmetic products across the world, but interest in cosmetics among men has been on the rise. Men are not only more welcome to use makeup now more than ever, they also embrace careers in beauty and feel right at home! Here are some developing changes in the beauty industry that we’re excited about that can help bring the masculine touch to the world of beauty.

Male hairstylist styling hair with hairspray


Now more than ever, men are trying makeup with incredible results. The average man who wears makeup likely uses very subtle, natural products to help him look his best each day. Other men brave bright colors and elaborate eye shadows to create a unique and modern look to express themselves. Men can choose to look how they want and more options are available for them to experiment with what works best for them.

Men can even make their mark on the makeup world with a career in makeup artistry! Men have worked in makeup artistry for many years, and it’s becoming increasingly popular and prevalent among young men today. If you have an interest in makeup, you don’t have to let anything stop you! Most cosmetology programs, including the one at Hair Professionals Career College, provide training to help you get your makeup license!

Hair Styling

Hair styling is something that men have always been welcome to pursue, but it is more popular among men than it has been ever before. We have electric television personalities such as Jonathan Van Ness from Netflix’s Queer Eye who teach everyone to love themselves and embrace their passion, and his is beauty. His focus on the show is to help give people killer haircuts and teach them how to take better care of themselves. He loves what he does not just because he helps people look good, but he helps them to become better versions of themselves. Men absolutely have a place in the beauty world lifting others up like this!


Lotions, moisturizers, exfoliants… all of these are things that men haven’t paid much mind to for a long time. Good thing times change, because skincare is important, and is finally becoming more popular among men! Whether it means starting a simple morning routine or visiting an esthetician for regular services, skincare can and should be for men just as much as women. Men can even pursue careers in esthetics if that’s something they are interested in. It’s a wide world of opportunity that allows estheticians to take care of people on a daily basis. If that sounds like something that would make you happy, consider a career in esthetics!

Man receiving a facial

Beauty Instructor

They say that those who don’t do teach, and that can be true of all beauty professionals. If a career in beauty interests you, it’s important to know that you have the option of eventually becoming an instructor in your chosen specialization of you want to move into something new! Teaching gives you the opportunity to use your knowledge and experience as a beauty professional to help lift up your students and prepare them to be a professional in the world of beauty. It’s a great way to build a legacy and make a lasting difference in the world. Teaching beauty school programs can be for anyone regardless of gender!

Start With Hair Pros

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