May 15, 2017

Men’s Hairstyles That Make Us Swoon

Men’s hairstyle trends change just as quickly as women’s do. Over the years, men’s styles have gone from clean cut to totally casual and back again. So far, 2017 hasn’t disappointed with its own swoon-worthy styles. Check out our top 5 favorites for guys.

The Clean Man Bun

This man is rocking the ever-popular man bun. Notice, his hair is clean, pulled into a casual pony, and his facial hair is well kept. All of these elements make us ?.
Model with manbun sitting looking to the right

Textured Pompadour

Add volume to the classic pompadour with your natural curly or wavy texture.
Model with Pompadour looking left


The same rules apply to long hair let down as the man bun. Clean hair is a must. Make sure to utilize the right product to nail that perfect tousled look.
Model with long hair looking right

Cool Colors

Women aren’t the only ones who can play with a hint of color. Add one or two fun colors to your ‘do to change it up.
Model with colored hair looking toward camera

Undercut Designs

Take your regular fade to the next level by adding just a touch of creativity with a fun design.
Model receiving undercut haircut

What’s Your Style?

Are you looking for a new style? Check out our student salon*! One of our talented students can help you find your look and show you how to recreate it on your own. Book your appointment today!

*All serviced performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

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