March 21, 2018

Prom Looks Inspired by the Movies

Prom season is here. That means it’s time for flowers, tuxedos, limousines, and best of all, beautiful dresses! With prom on the brain, we’ve started thinking about a few of our favorite iconic looks from the movies. So if you need some prom inspiration or just want to look at some amazing dresses, keep reading!


“10 Things I Hate About You”

Polar opposite sisters Bianca and Kat wore their late-90s finest for the prom in “10 Things I Hate About You”. Super girly Bianca rocks a pink two-piece complete with tulle skirt, while rebellious Kat looks elegant in a blue spaghetti strap number. Since both the 90s and two-piece dresses are currently trending, why not take some inspiration from this beloved rom-com?


Who could ever forget the school dance scene of “Grease”? The music, dancing, and of course, clothes. Between Sandy’s feminine white dress and Rizzo’s saucy black and red polka dot gown, these 1950s looks are the ultimate prom inspo. If you don’t want to go totally retro, just look for a modern twist on two classic looks! You’re certain to find an updated version of either dress at any formalwear store.

“Harry Potter”

When Hermione Granger enters the Yule Ball in her pink dress in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” no one can take their eyes off her. And for good reason! This floor-length, tiered chiffon gown is absolutely stunning. For a prom look that’s truly magical, take a hint from the smartest witch around and get yourself a romantic pink prom dress.

“Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion”

Speaking of the 90’s (and 80’s), the dresses from “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” are hard to forget. While you might not want to wear a Madonna-inspired prom dress or shiny, over-the-top minidress, this film still offers a lot of fun fashion inspiration. For an up-to-date version of Romy and Michele’s outfits, look for a dress with a fitted top and full skirt or something sleek and metallic.


We know “Cinderella” isn’t set in a high school but we still think it’s the ultimate inspiration for prom. The iconic gown she wears to the Prince’s ball is breathtaking and could easily be replicated to fit your tastes. Whether you want a full skirt like in the movie or would rather opt for something more fitted, this pale shade of blue is a gorgeous choice.


A Night to Remember

Prom is about making memories with your friends and having fun. It’s also a great excuse to dress up and take a lot of pictures! At Hair Professionals Career College, we know that no prom look is complete without the perfect hair, nails, and makeup. Book your prom appointment with us now!

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