Prom Looks Inspired by the Movies

Mar 21 2018

Ah, prom. A night of beautiful dresses, tuxedos, flowers, dancing, pictures, memories, and if you’re lucky, living happily ever after. At least that’s what the movies make prom look like. This year, we’re taking some of our favorite prom movies and getting inspired! Here is how you can style your prom look based on your favorite prom movie.

10 Things I Hate About You

Kat was the last person everyone thought would show up to prom, but man did she show up. Not only did she show up, but she showed up in style! Follow Kat’s lead and own the night with a sophisticated blue.


Hopefully, you didn’t have to go into a courtroom filled with people to make sure there were music and dancing at your prom. But who knows, anything can happen! After winning your defense, celebrate the night by looking amazing at prom and dancing it out!


Okay, we know this wouldn’t fall under a “prom movie” but you can’t deny that Carrie didn’t look amazing before the whole pig incident. The soft pink brings an innocent vibe that we just love. Top the look off with some soft curls.

Pro tip: Maybe stay away from any stages or mean girls.

She’s All That

Who doesn’t love a classic makeover? In She’s All That, Laney goes from beautiful to beautifully rocking a slimming black dress. You can keep it simple, or make it your own with your hair down! This look is elegant and classy.


Nothing like going to prom with your vampire boyfriend. Bella doesn’t let a broken foot get in the way of spending the night with her beau. Bella’s style is more relaxed. Follow suit, or ditch the leggings and converse for something more formal. A medical boot is optional.


Grease is a movie filled with fashion inspiration. Don’t even get us started on Sandy’s transformation at the end. Grease has it all: dancing, singing, romance, humor, and of course, a prom scene. Show up in something that you can really rock out in!

Pretty in Pink

Feel pretty in pink on prom night. Andie took to scissors and thread and made her own prom dress! Not only did she save money but she had a one of a kind dress. If you don’t have time to make a dress, find something that you know will have you stand out. Step outside of your comfort zone and rock that dress!

A Magical Night

Prom is a night meant to be enjoyed. It’s about making memories with your friends and letting go of all your worries just for the night. Use this special occasion to dress up and feel great! Book an appointment at one of our student salons to perfect your look by getting your hair, nails, and makeup done!

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