February 10, 2017

How to Set Beauty School Goals

Whenever you start something new and worthwhile, like a career, education, friendship, or any other commitment, you’re probably determined to do well. Like many others, you may find yourself falling out of it at times. You might skip a homework assignment or a party you promised you’d go to. We’ve got some news. That’s normal. It’s OK to be a bit afraid of commitment, especially with something like a relationship or education. You might find yourself feeling a little bit overwhelmed or feeling like you’re not good enough. That’s OK, too.

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Setting steps to achieve great things is one way to keep you on track toward success. You can use these ideas to set objectives for a lot of things, but we encourage our students to use them to set goals for beauty school.

Make sure to set objectives that are in reach. While it is a good idea to have an overall intention, one that might take a few years to achieve, set targets that can be achieved in weeks or months to start.

As a beauty school student, one of your goals could be to master one of the cutting techniques in class. We will be using this as an example.

1. Write Down Your Goals

Once you’ve decided on one, write it down. Write it down in multiple places. Keeping record of what you want to do is a good way to stay organized and keep things in perspective. You can write down your intention in a private journal, so when you revisit the page, you are reminded of what’s important.

You can also write the goal down on a whiteboard or post it on a public bulletin board. You could even stick it on the fridge! The more places you have it displayed, the better. The more you see it, the more likely you are to keep it at the forefront of your mind.

2. Tell Someone!

Tell someone about your goal. Here at Hair Professionals Career College, we encourage each student to have a friend or family member involved in their education. Support always helps. Someone else can help keep you accountable for your accomplishments.

The best part is, when you reach your goal, you have someone to celebrate with!

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3. Set a Due Date

Pick a date, and go for it! Depending on how feasible the ambition is, it should take a few weeks or months to accomplish. Holding yourself to a due date can encourage you to continuing working toward your aim. Once you’ve mastered reaching week or month objectives, you can work toward a dream that takes a year or two.

You’ll be glad that you worked up toward striving for larger goals. Your plan as a beauty student might look something like this: master a cutting technique>learn an advanced cutting technique>create your own amazing look>create a portfolio of trendy cuts>graduate school>get a license>take that portfolio to your dream employer>land a job!

Not everyone’s plan will look the same, but everyone should have one!

4. Stick to It

It might be tempting to give up on a plan after a few weeks of trying, especially if you are feeling left behind. Don’t worry! You should be constantly reminding yourself about why you set the target in the first place. In this case, you should remember that you need to learn the cutting technique taught most recently in order to move onto more advanced techniques and skills.

In the end, you will be grateful that you stuck with the goal you set the first time.

How do you accomplish your goals? What tips and tricks do you use to stay on track? We hope that your plan can help you get to where you want to go in the future. If you dream of a future as a beauty professional, the place to start setting goals is in school! Check out our Cosmetology or Esthetics Programs to learn more about them, and contact us to get info on how to get started!

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