November 19, 2018

What Do Cosmetology or Esthetics Instructors Do?

Teaching cosmetology or esthetics at a beauty school can be an exciting opportunity, but what do cosmetology or esthetics instructors actually do? Their day to day responsibilities can be broken down into a few main categories:

  1. Plan lessons
  2. Teach in the classroom
  3. Keep records

Responsibilities may vary from position to position, but in most cases those three categories make up most of the responsibilities that a beauty school instructor will have to keep in mind. Teaching is a great opportunity for beauty professionals to advance their careers and try new things!

woman getting a face mask treatment

Lesson Planning

The curriculum that cosmetology or esthetics instructors teach is usually laid out in advance by the school. This means that most instructors spend their time planning how to teach rather than what to teach. This planning time is important because beauty school classrooms are full of students with different learning styles. Planning a lesson carefully can help students of any learning type to be successful in the classroom. Lesson plans often incorporate different elements, such as lectures, visual learning aids, hands-on practice, and more to help those students succeed. The program you take to become an instructor should help you learn how to teach to each of those learning styles.

Teach in The Classroom

The lesson plan comes into play when class starts! The visual, auditory, and hands-on components that the instructor planned beforehand are used to help students of all learning styles to learn. The classroom is also a place where an instructor has the opportunity to get to know students and see their progress one on one. That individual familiarity is important because students need to be individually prepared to sit for the state licensing exam at the end of the course. By understanding students and their needs on an individual level, instructors can better help their students prepare for the state licensing exam.

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Keep Student Records

Keeping records is one of the esthetics and cosmetology instructor responsibilities that goes on behind the scenes. Educators are required to keep track of grades, attendance, and credit hours. Students need to meet minimum attendance and grading requirements, as well as meet a minimum number of credit hours in order to graduate. Credit hours represent the time that students spend at the school for their education, and it’s up to instructors to help accurately keep track of that time. It’s an important part of helping students to become successful beauty professionals!

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Become An Instructor With Hair Pros

Are you ready to take your beauty career to the next level? Our cosmetology and esthetics instructor programs are designed to equip you with the tools you need to become a successful educator in the beauty industry. We even like to hire as many of our graduates as we can! Contact us to learn more about our educator programs and how they can help you develop your career further.

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