January 28, 2020

What Is a Nail Technician?

Picture this: You’re working at your nine to five job scrolling through nail designs on Pinterest, and you are wondering if those designs are something you can replicate. Maybe your current career isn’t for you, maybe you’re looking for something that has a more flexible schedule. Perhaps you have a passion for art and want to find ways to express that.

If you have that passion, why not consider becoming a nail technician? A nail tech often gets to create their own schedule. They can work from home or with their friends. It’s a creative industry to work in and very fulfilling for artists. It can be fun staying up to date with the latest trends and products.

Sounds like a pretty great job right? Lucky for you, Hair Professionals Career College offers manicuring and pedicuring in our cosmetology program!! To learn more about what you could do as a nail tech, keep on reading!

Woman getting a manicure at a nail salon

Shape and Beautify Nails

A nail technician cleans and shapes clients toes and fingernails. They specialize in cleaning, filing, and painting nails. Looking for advice on how to prevent your nails from breaking or to keep nails healthy? A good nail tech can do that too!

Did you know there are many different ways to shape nails? A nail tech can create shapes for:

  • Almond
  • Round
  • Coffin
  • Square

Nail technicians get to play around with creating these shapes. There are also different types of nails and services. Acrylic, gel, no-chip, manicure, and pedicure practices are some of the services a nail technician can provide.

Manicurist filing nails

Give Clients the Nails of Their Dreams

Your clients LOVE you! If they break a nail, they come to you to be rescued. If they are having a bad day, getting their nails done might be the highlight of their day. As a nail tech, you’d be the one fixing, polishing, and beautifying their nails.

Clients often come to you for important events like interviews, prom, and weddings. Having freshly polished nails is important for a bride and her wedding party. Even though it might seem like a small detail, it can be an important part of the wedding. The wedding photos will feature the bride and bridesmaids nails. Every detail could matter. This is why nail technicians can play an important role in giving clients the nails of their dreams.

Become a Creative Genius

Nail art is super popular in the age of social media! It is common to paint little images, words, or symbols on nails. Nail technicians can put their artistic skills to the test and try whatever designs they would like to. There are different nail art ideas everywhere! Nail art can be inspired by holidays or new trends. Check out these fun 2020 nail trends from The Trend Spotter.

The options in the nail world are limitless! Nail technicians can choose a variety of colors, brands, and textures. You can choose from glitter and chrome, acrylic or shellac, and more.

Nail art on light pink nails with floral background

Make Lasting Friendships

Imagine being in a room with 30 other students who all share the same interests as you. You already all have one thing in common, so it will be easy making new friends. You can bond over beauty, homework assignments, and your future dreams. At Hair Professionals Career College, we have an amazing cosmetology program. We focus on practical experience so you’ll have a lot of interactions with people.

Depending on your goals, you can work with a dedicated team in a salon. If you prefer to work from home, you can also build relationships with your clients on a personal one-on-one level. You can slowly build a lasting client relationship that can make coming to work more enjoyable.

Choose Where Your Dream Takes You

Yes, your daydream can actually become your reality! If you’re working toward completing an accredited nail tech program, you can be prepared for a future as a nail tech!

Nail techs can have a lot of flexibility in their careers. Here are a list of careers you could pursue:

  • Become an instructor at a school
  • Set up an in home studio
  • Travel on a cruise ship
  • Work at a hotel
  • Work at a spa
  • Work at a salon
  • Rent a booth in a mall
  • Work at a gym

Is Being a Nail Tech in Your Future?

Learn more about our cosmetology program at Hair Professionals Career College. Third party financing is available to those who qualify. We offer monthly payment plans as well. Contact us today to find out which option is best for you. Take the Back to Beauty School Quiz to see if you’re ready!

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