June 27, 2019

Why is Cosmetology a Good Career Choice? [Updated 2019]

Once you’ve read about all the amazing jobs you can have, you might be wondering: Why should I choose cosmetology in the first place? Sure, there are a variety of exciting career choices down the line, but what else makes this a smart choice for the future?

1. The Schedule

Like you may have guessed, your schedule will depend on where you work, but for a large majority of cosmetologists, self-employment is their pick. As a freelance makeup artist, hairstylist, or hair designer, you could have the opportunity to pick when and where you work! This makes this career path a great option for people who want to work part-time, especially when it involves kids. If you do choose to work in a salon, spa, or behind a beauty counter, there are usually weekend and evening shifts available. So whatever type of work you choose, it’s likely that you’ll enjoy flexible scheduling to fit your busy lifestyle!

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2. The Ability to Unleash Your Creativity!

If you’re looking for a job that allows you to exercise your creative genius and potentially set your own schedule, cosmetology might be perfect for you. Many cosmetologists are interested in topics like painting, drawing, or other artistic outlets. This makes sense when you think about the artistry and design behind a beautiful makeup look or detailed hairstyle. Beauty industry careers require intense attention to detail and a strong knowledge of color theory, textures, shapes, and symmetry. Cosmetology allows them to have a career and practice art at the same time!

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3. The Schooling

Unlike some other careers, where schooling can take years, schooling for cosmetology can be completed in as little as 55 weeks at Hair Professionals. Our job placement rate for students who complete our program is 74%. This can be a great option for those who are excited to start a career and want to enter the workforce sooner rather than later. For your flexibility, we offer a three-day schedule at Hair Professionals Career College. That means you can still attend school during the week while working a full-time job. To help our students feel prepared after graduation, we focus part of our curriculum on the business side of beauty. Employers are looking for cosmetologists who know how to build a client base, market their skills, and provide excellent client experience. The licensed instructors at Hair Professionals Career College have the real-life experience to provide this knowledge.

4. The Potential

As a licensed cosmetologist, you could have many career opportunities available to you. In fact, you could have many careers in your lifetime! Cosmetologists usually have the freedom to work in whichever industry they love. They can work in services, film, TV, freelance, editorial, and more! Cosmetologists can even take their skills to the Internet and pursue the path of a beauty blogger or vlogger. YouTube and Instagram are full of beauty tutorials and product reviews. You could use your cosmetology knowledge to create high-quality content that actually educates an audience! For a future that could have multiple exciting career options, check out cosmetology.

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5. You Could Become an Industry Leader

Between hairstyling, hair coloring, and makeup artistry, there are massive amounts of potential to become a leader in the industry. With the steady rise in beauty influencers and influencer marketing over the last decade, this could turn into an exciting opportunity if you’ve got the determination (and passion) to pursue it. Have you ever dreamed of being Insta-famous? Cosmetology could get you there!

Have we convinced you yet? Check out our cosmetology page for even more info on our program! Interested in the careers available in esthetics? Check out our blog on jobs you could have as a licensed esthetician!

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