August 1, 2019

Our Incredible Alumni: Shayla Palmer

There’s nothing we love more than seeing our graduates go on to do great things! Shayla Palmer graduated from the cosmetology program in 2015 and cosmetology instructor program in 2018 at our Sycamore location. She’s now a full-time cosmetology and esthetics instructor here at Hair Professionals Career College and we couldn’t be happier to have her!

Shayla’s School Experience

As a beauty school student, Shayla was constantly inspired by her instructors and fellow students. “Coming from a family of three generations of stylists, they encouraged me to soak up as much information as possible and to never be afraid to ask questions,” she says. “My instructors inspired me by caring about my education and pushing me to limits I didn’t know that I could reach.” Studying cosmetology and beauty education helped Shalya learn how to connect with people around her and build different types of relationships throughout the industry. Whether she’s making a guest’s day with a great haircut or supporting a student as they master a new skill, helping others is what she loves about this industry.

“I love cutting and coloring, but what I love most is making people happy. Once you finish with a guest and see that glow and excitement, [it] makes my heart fill up with joy. You’re not only doing hair, [but you’re also] building confidence.”

Becoming an Instructor

Since Shayla completed both our cosmetology and cosmetology/esthetics instructor programs, she has a unique perspective on the beauty school experience. “The difference between the cosmetology program and the teaching program is that when I was in cosmetology, I only had to think of myself and building my future as a stylist,” she says. “Doing the instructor program made me realize I wasn’t only doing this for myself, I was also in the role of helping future stylists.” An instructor serves as a support system and a mentor for their students. They’re responsible for providing a solid education, offering advice and guidance, and setting a good example. Shayla shadowed her cosmetology instructor while she was a student, which gave her a great understanding of the day-to-day tasks. “I have a new respect for educators,” she says. “It’s not an easy job!”

Advice for Future Students

For anyone interested in attending beauty school, Shayla encourages first making a service appointment. Whether it’s a haircut or manicure, this is a great way to get a feel for the school’s environment and overall vibe! “Ask probing questions to your stylist of what their take on the school is,” she says. “You will get an honest opinion of what their take on the school is.” Applying to school is an investment of your time and money. Take time to read Google reviews and ask current students about their own experiences. “It’s a huge commitment and life decision,” Shayla says. “Take your time to explore!”

Pursue Your Goals With Us!

It’s our goal to help students succeed at Hair Professionals Career College! If you want to pursue a future in the beauty industry, consider applying to our cosmetology program. The curriculum can teach you about haircutting, coloring, hair design, skin care, nail care, and much more! Maybe you want to help shape the next generation of beauty professionals? Click here for information about our cosmetology and esthetics instructor programs!

Contact us today for more information about starting your beauty education.

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