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June 27, 2019

Why is Cosmetology a Good Career Choice? [Updated 2019]


Once you’ve read about all the amazing jobs you can have, you might be wondering: Why should I choose cosmetology in the first place? Sure, there are a variety of exciting career choices down the line, but what else makes this a smart choice for the future? 1. The Schedule Like you may have guessed,…

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April 9, 2019

Natural Hairstyles for Prom That Make Us ???

Blog, Hair

Know how to style your hair for prom? Check out these natural hairstyles you can wear for the big night!

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March 19, 2019

1979-2019: 40 Years of Beauty

About Us, Blog, Culture, Hair

Can you believe we’ve been around for 40 years?! Read this post to learn about the history of Hair Pros!

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February 26, 2019

Should You Become an Esthetics Instructor?

Blog, Esthetics, Instructor

If you enjoyed your time at esthetics school, coming back to become an esthetics instructor may be the right path for you! Learn more about scholarships available, how to become an esthetics instructor and who is a good fit for this path.

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December 31, 2018

Curl Power: The Natural Order

Blog, Culture, Hair

When the summer heat and humidity set in, salons are filled with the echoes of the same request: Women are looking to tame their frizz, waves, curls to get the image of perfectly straight and smooth hair. People shun their naturally luscious and dense locks in favor of straight and shiny. Now people with curls…

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November 30, 2018

New Partnership With Davines


At Hair Professionals Career College, we want our students to learn with fantastic products, which is why we’re excited to announce that we are going to be partnering with Davines to bring their products to the school! Davines (pronounced “DA-vi-ness”) is a brand known for sustainability and natural beautification, so we couldn’t be more thrilled…

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November 19, 2018

What Do Cosmetology or Esthetics Instructors Do?


Teaching cosmetology or esthetics at a beauty school can be an exciting opportunity, but what do cosmetology or esthetics instructors actually do? Their day to day responsibilities can be broken down into a few main categories: Plan lessons Teach in the classroom Keep records Responsibilities may vary from position to position, but in most cases…

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November 13, 2018

Should You Become a Cosmetology Instructor?

Blog, Hair

Becoming a cosmetology instructor can help you share your love for the beauty industry and help others get started. Find out more about how you could become a cosmetology instructor at Hair Professionals Career College.

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November 5, 2018

2018 Holiday Beauty Gift Guide

Blog, Holiday, Seasonal

Stressing out over what to buy for the beauty expert in your life? We’ve got you covered! The holidays can be a manic time for people looking for the perfect present, but it doesn’t have to be. Buying gifts for the beauty mavens in your life isn’t all about buying the perfect hair, skin, or…

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October 23, 2018

100 Years of Hairstyles

Blog, Cosmetology, Hair

Hairstyles are a fun and diverse way for people to express themselves today, but that wasn’t always the case. Styling hair was generally a thing for men before the 1920’s until women started exploring ways to explore and style their hair. Fast forward to a hundred years later and you have resources like Instagram or…

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